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- State of the art user interface
- Versatile diagrams
- Numerous analysis functions
- Customizable mathematical channels and filters
- Software based license without dongle

WinDarab V7 is an evaluation tool for monitoring and analyzing of logged data and is specially designed for motorsport use. Monitor vehicle data using online telemetry and compare logged data by reading out your data logger. WinDarab V7 features a state of the art user interface and reads out both engine and chassis data.
The follower of WinDarab V6 offers simplified and ergonomic handling as well as new features and a revised license system to work without a dongle.
Choose between the Free and the Expert version depending on your purpose.
The enormous bandwidth of features makes WinDarab V7 a perfect evaluation tool for motorsport engineers.

Please find further detailed information on the data sheet.

Ordering Information

WinDarab Free Version

Order number: free download at our homepage

WinDarab Expert

Order number: F02U.V01.308-01

Software Options

Software licence API for WinDarab Expert

Order number: F02U.V01.682-01

Yearly maintenance

Order number: F02U.V01.345-01

More Information

Source of information: https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/content/downloads/Raceparts/en-GB/55459595213067275.html#/Tabs=55517451/


- An all integrated software tool for configuration and calibration

RaceCon is an all integrated software tool for configuration and calibration of Bosch Motorsport hardware products, such as ECUs, displays, loggers. The communication is based on Bosch Motorsport MSA-Box interface.

Ordering Information

System Configuration Tool RaceCon

Order number: free download at Bosch Motorsport homepage

More Information

Source of information: https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/content/downloads/Raceparts/en-GB/55253003213041931.html#/Tabs=9007199309996427/


- Verification of the ECU software content
- State of the art Hash algorithm SHA-256

The Scrutineering Configurator and Tool is a software package developed for teams and OEMs to validate the software content of Bosch Motorsport ECUs.
The Scrutineering Configurator creates the reference file required to check the software status of a control unit. All you need is a template file and the Bosch control unit prepared with the correct software. The template file can be configured and is provided by Bosch, please contact Bosch.
The Scrutineering Tool checks the content of a control unit against the reference file.

Scrutineering Tool standalone
If you do not need the configurator and only want to work with the scrutineering tool (e.g. marshal or team), you can order the tool separately. You will need a license number to activate the tool, which we provide free of charge.

Please find further detailed information on the data sheet.

Ordering Information

Scrutineering Configurator and Tool
Please contact us for Software Download.

Order number: F02U.V03.072-01

Scrutineering Tool standalone
Please contact us for Software Download (free of charge).

Order number: F02U.V03.071-01

More Information

Source of information: http://www.bosch-motorsport.de/content/downloads/Raceparts/en-GB/254755723338350987.html#/Tabs=254697099/


- Simulate Bosch model and Customer model together in the same simulation environment
- Develop Bosch Motorsport control systems (ECU/VCU) in a simulation environment with other plant models (e.g. tire, ABS)
- Enables use of Bosch models (via PTWinSim) in other simulation environments like rFpro
- Execute your control system faster than real-time on a Windows 10 PC
- Perform real-time analysis on telemetry streams or other data sources

These simulation packages allow customers that use Bosch Motorsport control systems to simulate the functionality without using the hardware. These packages enable the user to run Bosch Motorsport and customer code area functions within the PTWinSim® environment.
PTWinSim® provides a framework and supporting functionality enabling several applications to execute in a coherent time frame on a variety of hosts.
Applications ranging from Engine Control Unit code to vehicle system models with complex control algorithms are simply adapted for the simulation environment. Furthermore, with WinDarab COM API, Bosch Motorsport customers can use WinDarab datasets as stimuli and logging for their simulated control system.
Device Simulation Runtime provides the runtime licenses to run a Bosch Motorsport simulation package within PTWinSim®. This requires an individual and project specific simulation software, which needs to be ordered separately.
CCA Simulation Package also provides the option for users of CCA to generate their own simulation software. Device Simulation Runtime is included.

Please find further detailed information on the data sheet.

Ordering Information

CCA Simulation Package
CCA Simulation development target to build and execute customer code.
Including 1 Device Simulation Runtime license and 1 year maintenance.

Order number: F02U.V02.893-01

Device Simulation Runtime
Device Simulation Runtime license to execute simulation on a PC and 1 year maintenance

Order number: F02U.V02.891-01

CCA Simulation Package Annual Maintenance

Order number: F02U.V02.892-01

Device Simulation Runtime Annual Maintenance

Order number: F02U.V02.890-01

More Information

Source of information: https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/content/downloads/Raceparts/en-GB/173735179200882059.html#/Tabs=173827723/


- Professional Simulation Tool
- Free / Chassis / Engine Versions available
- Find the Operation Manual here.
- Find the Installation Manual here.

LapSim Chassis
is both an analysis tool as well as a vehicle simulation program. By further processing the on-car recorded data, using parts of the simulation models, a much more profound analysis of the vehicle behavior can be gained. Due to the direct link with the simulation model, vehicle parameters can be validated like aerodynamics, tire behavior, engine power, as well as driver performance. The visualization of the vehicle behavior creates a much easier and better understanding of the influence of several vehicle parameters on the performance independent of the technical background of the user.

LapSim Engine
supplies an easy to use engine simulation package capable of generating a torque/power and a corresponding ignition curves out of the main parameters of an engine. The model is able to simulate any 4-stroke spark ignition (SI) race engine currently seen on the market, with or without air restrictor(s). To summarize, the engine software is aiming for 95 % accuracy but 5 % the effort of complex engine software packages. The engine software avoids a vast number of variables in order to define every engine detail, in order to improve usability as well as computational performance. The engine package is integrated in the lap simulation.

Please find further detailed information on the data sheet.

Ordering Information

LapSim Chassis Free Version

Order number: free download at our homepage

LapSim Chassis License

Order number: B261.206.432-01

LapSim Chassis and Engine License

Order number: F01T.A20.057-01

More Information

Source of information: https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/content/downloads/Raceparts/en-GB/55386123217022987.html#/Tabs=55388299/

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